Yellow Network
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Business Model

Unlock the most cost-efficient and user-friendly framework to run any crypto exchange
Yellow Network is a project in development. Not all solutions presented in the following (sub)sections are implemented at this stage. The current, and all subsequent sub-pages, are subject to change.
For more information, visit the Roadmap
Yellow Network is a non-profit project that seeks to solve the problem of truly decentralized trading by allowing participants to swap assets across different exchanges without having to rely on block creation. This brings all parties, exchanges, blockchains, and trading firms together, creating a network of brokerages and allowing for a more efficient trading infrastructure.
Our global strategy is to have 1,000+ participants operating globally on the network by 2025.

Cost-Revenue Optimization

Our solutions suggest significant cost reduction in R&D as well as infrastructure maintenance costs, allowing businesses inside the Yellow Network ecosystem to focus on their core operations and growth while at the same time enabling new revenue streams.
OpenDAX Open source exchange software
  • Ready to deploy
  • Free to use
  • Easy to setup, run and manage
  • Earn trading fees from end-users
Yellow Network P2P liquidity aggregation
  • Earn liquidity provider fees
  • Access non-proprietary liquidity
  • Off-chain high-speed state channel network
  • Reduce counterparty risk through a fully automated settlement process
Free (requires $YELLOW tokens)

Sustainable Token Ecosystem

Our $YELLOW token serves as the gateway to Yellow Network. Participants of Yellow Network are required to lock $YELLOW in order to open trading channels with other brokers.
$YELLOW token margin accounts ensure accountability and prevent overexposure, thus significantly reducing counterparty risk when accessing non-proprietary assets.
Yellow Network is a non-profit organization where market makers earn 100% of the liquidity provisioning fees. Our P2P technology allows brokers to define the fees at their discretion, creating unprecedented fee transparency.
Yellow Network only charges a small settlement fee to users to fund the Yellow Reserve Vault which serves to resolve settlement disputes and acts as a treasury for the Yellow Network ecosystem. With this approach, every participant contributes to safety and security.

Key Stakeholders

  • Existing Customers Over 50 exchanges are ready to engage with the beta launch of our native trading OpenDAX™ v4 trading platform with immediate effect.
  • Fintech Entrepreneurs For those interested in opening an exchange, our new solution fits every budget and is radically more simple than a standard centralized exchange. Head to for more information.
  • Financial Institutions Become part of our ecosystem, co-invest with us, and sell your services through Yellow Network.
  • Crypto-Enthusiasts, Miners, and Traders Quickly deploy our node software on any cloud and start liquidity-mining with your exchange accounts.