🐀Yellow Canary Testnet

Yellow Canary Testnet is designed to test the innovations of Yellow Network in a real-world environment, including the latest versions of smart contracts and software components.

Canary Network will be used for trading tangible assets like on the production Yellow Network, but with smaller transaction value. It minimizes the risk of releasing vulnerabilities while risking small amounts of money. The $DUCKIES token is the token used on the canary testnet to connect to the network and pay the fees, acting like the $YELLOW token for Yellow Network.

What Yellow Canary Testnet Puts Forward

Identify and address issues

By creating a canary network for Yellow, the team can identify and address issues in a testing environment before deploying new features and upgrades to the main network.

Iterative development process

Canary testing is part of an iterative development process that allows developers to identify and address issues promptly and quickly. This agile process allows for continuous improvement, ensuring the network is constantly improving and evolving.

Community engagement

The environment is built to be a highly engaging and reward-based community for developers, validators, and users who participate in testing and provide feedback. It was designed to be an environment that allows developers to test new features and upgrades in a real-world environment.

How to Join Yellow Canary Testnet

  • Become a Beta Tester if you want to be among the first to test Yellow Network's core stack.

  • Become an Evangelist if you want to be the community force that spreading the word about Yellow.

  • Become a Broker if you want to help test and grow Yellow Network and the technology behind it.

Or explore other opportunities to contribute:

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