๐Ÿฆ†Ducklings Game

An NFT-based Card Trading Game

Welcome to the wacky world of Ducklings Trading Card Game, a blockchain-based NFT collectible game! You'll embark on a journey as a duckling breeder to collect and meld Ducklings NFT cards. You'll encounter the eccentric and mad scientist, Dr. Quackers, who has taken over the game with his expertise in genetic engineering.

Dr. Quackers has created a laboratory and is mixing (melding) Ducklings left and right to get as many Mythic breeds so he can dominate the duckiesโ€™ world! Outsmart Dr. Quakers with your own Ducklings collection to not let him win! But be careful when melding, as it can go wrong and the duck will become Zombeak, a duckie-mutant!

Types and Rarities of Dr. Quackerโ€™s Creations

Your objective is to get ahead of Dr. Quackers and create the ultimate Mythic Duckling species before he can. To do so, you must collect as many Legendary Ducklings as possible and meld them to create new and powerful Mythics. Melding cards requires careful planning, as the input cards are destroyed and a new card is created.

Be wary of failed melding attempts, as they'll result in the creation of special cards called Zombeaks that form their own collection.

To start your duckling breeding journey, you can get Ducklings Booster Packs containing 1, 5, 10, 25, or 50 cards.

Rarity probability distribution per booster pack: 85% common, 12% rare, 2.5% epic, and 0.5% legendary.

Melding Ducklings

Each Duckling card belongs to a family and a color; and there are 5 different families (Flockers, Feathers, Waddlers, Mallards, and Fluffers) and 4 different colors (Red, Blue, Green, and Purple) in total, each with an even distribution.

But don't worry if you can't find the Duckling you're looking for, you can earn $DUCKIES tokens by completing community quests and using them to purchase more cards.

  1. In order to meld common Ducklings, you'll need to meld five cards of the same rarity level, color, or family to create a superior card of the next rarity level. Melding costs vary depending on the rarity level, ranging from 100 $DUCKIES for common cards to 1000 $DUCKIES for legendary cards.

  2. The melding function allows the player to place 5 cards of the same rarity level and meld them into one card of superior rarity. You can meld Common cards into Rare, Rare cards into Epic, Epic cards into Legendary, and Legendary into Mythic.

Melding requirements differ based on the Ducklingsโ€™ rarity level:

Melding Common Ducklings: Same color OR same family; Melding Rare or Epic Ducklings: Same color AND same family; Melding Legendary Ducklings: Same color AND each family.

During the melding, the input cards are destroyed, and a new card is created. You can meld the resulting cards further to get a higher rarity.

You had 5 legendaries, all with the same color and different families? It is now time to meld them, and the laboratory will bore the ultimate masterpiece, the MYTHIC!!

As a Mythic NFT holder, you'll be ranked based on the rarity of your Mythic NFT (1-60), with higher ranks giving you access to exclusive benefits such as yields of our native token, $DUCKIES, as well as $YELLOW, and other partner tokens. But it's not just about the rewardsโ€”owning a Mythic NFT is a mark of distinction and status within our community.

Mythic NFTs also have a place in our official Ambassador Program. You'll gain even more perks, including early access to new features and products, the chance to participate in our expansion strategies, and access to private sales that are not available to everyone.

  1. Access to expansion strategies;

  2. Benefits in $YELLOW and $DUCKIES & partner tokens;

  3. Exclusive early access rights;

  4. Access to our private sales;

  5. Higher place in the Ambassador program, higher additional rewards.

Now is the time to mint and meld Ducklings, bring the ultimate reward โ€˜โ€™Mythicsโ€™โ€™ to space, and earn the benefits of them as a unique Mythic holder!

If a melding attempt fails, the player receives a neutral card called a Zombeak.

Zombeaks cannot be used for further melding with other cards; however, they form a unique collection and can be melded between each other to create a rarer Zombeak!

  • When melding Common cards, there is a 15% probability of getting a Zombeak.

  • When melding Rare cards, there is a 10% probability of getting a Zombeak.

  • When melding Epic cards, there is a 5% probability of getting a Zombeak.

  • When melding Legendary cards, there is a 1% probability of getting a Zombeak.

Just as nature fails sometimes, your meld can fail as well as there is nothing you can do apart from accepting this fact and melding mutants between each other to create an even rarer breed of them ๐Ÿ™‚

Are you ready to dive into this WACKY world of duck breeding and create new and exciting breeds of Ducklings? Start today and see what kind of amazing creations you can come up with. Get ready to dive in and see what kind of creations you can come up with!

Download the rules guide:

Duckies Media Kit

Logos, images, project details: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1xXloVv8L_JtOyYsiGkaPIBkdAnbwSJlx

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