Yellow Network


Keeping the token ecosystem alive
Yellow Network is a project in development. Not all solutions presented in the following (sub)sections are implemented at this state. The current, and all subsequent sub-pages, are subject to change.
For more information, visit the Roadmap.
Yellow Network charges fees and rewards participants based on their activity. However, fees are not charged for profit; all collected fees are either redistributed to network participants or used to fund the Reserve Vault.
Brokers using Yellow Network will encounter two fee layers.
The first layer is a Liquidity (or Trading) Fee directly negotiated between the brokers to incentivize market-making and liquidity provisioning within Yellow Network. This fee is directly exchanged between the Market Maker and the Market Taker.
The second layer is a Clearing Fee, the only fee Yellow Network charges for both sides of a trade. The clearing fee is sent to the Yellow Reserve Vault, which provides treasury and dispute resolution functions, supporting the $YELLOW token.