Yellow Network


Keeping the token ecosystem alive
Yellow Network is a project in development. Not all solutions presented in the following (sub)sections are implemented at this state. The current, and all subsequent sub-pages, are subject to change.
For more information, visit the Roadmap.
Yellow Network will charge fees and reward participants based on their activity. However, fees are not charged for profit; all collected fees are either redistributed to network participants or used to fund the Reserve Vault.
Brokers using Yellow Network will encounter two fee layers.
The first layer (Layer 1) is a Liquidity Fee directly negotiated between the brokers to incentivize market making and liquidity provisioning within Yellow Network. This fee is directly exchanged between the Market Maker and the Market Taker.
The second layer (Layer 2) is a Clearing Fee for both sides of a trade. The clearing fee is sent to the Yellow Reserve Vault which provides treasury and dispute resolution functions, supporting the $YELLOW token price and providing our token a simple yet effective use case.