Yellow Network
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Explore what Yellow Network has in store for the future.
This Product Roadmap is a general description of the product direction set up for Yellow Network and related products. Work is still ongoing, so this section is subject to change.

Q3, 2023

  • ClearSync V1 deployed on Polygon for canary testing
  • Yellow Network proof of concept, a simplified version of the protocol with 5 participants on Duckies Canary Network
  • Using DUCKIES community to educate them on YELLOW and becoming the early testground

Q3—Q4, 2023

  • $DUCKIES token listing
  • Open-sourcing the Yellow sidecar, which enables access to the network
  • Deployment of the $YELLOW token on Ethereum
  • Private rounds limited sale

Q4, 2023

  • $YELLOW token listing (tentative deadline)
  • Yellow Network mainnet soft launch
  • Community is joining to test and run Yellow nodes
  • Wrapping $DUCKIES onto other chains (Ethereum, L2, BNB)

Q1, 2024

  • 20 major network participants (brokers, MMs, exchanges)
  • Wrapping $YELLOW on more chains (L2, Polygon, BNB)