Yellow Network
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Yellow Network seeks to revolutionize P2P brokerage for crypto assets.
As blockchain technology evolves, so does the complexity and the variety of solutions.
At Yellow Network we are committed to making cryptocurrency trading lean, efficient, and secure.
A large amount of blockchains, tokens, and platforms has led to a silo approach that confronts users with inefficiencies and security issues, hindering scalability and mass adoption.
Yellow Network aims to address this issue with a P2P network that uses state channels to connect brokers across blockchains, allowing it to reach tokens locked in isolated networks without cross-chain bridging.
The matching throughput of our network averages billions of messages daily, far quicker than any Layer-1 or Layer-2 solution currently available. Our solution is an automated smart clearing protocol, comparable to the function of a clearing house in traditional finance. Yellow Network acts as a mediator between brokers, exchanges, and market makers. It provides users with a protocol that works worldwide. It offers an all-in-one Web3 solution ready for the global retail market, a real-time inter-broker exchange, near-instant off-chain transactions, and efficient on-chain transactions.
By decoupling trading and settlement, the Yellow Network protocol enables true decentralization of high-frequency trading and widens access to digital and traditional assets.