Business model
"Trading and speculation are the #1 use case for cryptocurrency but most trading does not use any benefits of the blockchain. This is about to change."
– Louis Bellet, CEO of Yellow
With Yellow Network, you unlock the most cost-efficient and legal-friendly framework to run any exchange business.
For fintech & crypto startups
For traditional finance Industry
For profit-oriented traders
Kickstart your local/worldwide brokerage business OR build a broker to buy/trade unique assets with features and performance of centralized exchanges, while funds are protected with smart-contract custody.
Enrich the number of supported assets and increase revenue streams with a low-friction legal framework. Wrapped tokens managed using state channel smart contracts provide access to diverse assets and unique markets.
Reduce the trade fees charged by the platform while holding $YELLOW tokens on your balance on Yellow-supported platforms.
The global strategy is to have 1,000+ nodes operating globally on the network by 2025.

Key stakeholders are:

  • Existing Customers
Over 50 exchanges are ready to engage with the beta launch of OpenDAX™ v4 with the native Yellow Network integration immediately.
  • FinTech Entrepreneurs
Those interested in opening an exchange. Our new solution fits every budget and is radically more simple than a standard centralized exchange.
  • Financial Institutions
Co-invest with us and show interest in selling their services through Yellow Network; they bring a deal flow of their incubates.
  • Crypto-Enthusiasts, Miners & Traders
Can quickly deploy our node software on any cloud and start liquidity-mining with their exchange account.

Token Usage

$YELLOW tokens are locked to be able to open trading channels with other brokers.
The node software is open-source; however, you need to lock $YELLOW tokens to become an exchange broker in Yellow Network.
Access shared liquidity
  • Launch an application on supported hardware and give it a name.
  • Lock 250,000 YELLOW tokens to activate 4 peer-to-peer trading channels.
  • Stake collateral to be able to exchange between brokers.
  • Access shared order book liquidity of connected peers.
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