Future Release
For market-making and trading companies
Instant access to peer-to-peer network of brokers with shared liquidity, execute your strategies right on the liquidity hub
Earn rewards for staking $YELLOW tokens and collateral.

Delegate liquidity to brokers

Investors can delegate their tokens to a broker and take a revenue share of the trading fees of the broker.
Those who got tokens in private B or Public allocation can delegate their tokens to a Broker and get access to the revenue share of the trading fees of the broker, while participating in the growth of this Broker.


Alice has purchased 50,000 $YELLOW tokens.
Bob wants to open his own exchange platform and open a trade channel with other brokers to access liquidity.
Bob has only 200,000 $YELLOW tokens and is missing 50,000 $YELLOW tokens to be able to open a trade channel.
Alice safely delegates her 50,000 $YELLOW tokens to Bob, who is now able to open 4 trade channels.
Bob starts running a profitable exchange platform, with liquidity shared by Yellow Network.
Alice receives ⅕ of all revenue received by Bob’s exchange platform in the form of Yellow tokens.

Liquidity Mining

Power OpenDAX™ and deposit liquidity, bot trading, matching service (without user onboarding).
Crypto enthusiasts and active exchange platform customers can install a liquidity mining application and provide liquidity to Yellow Network, earning revenue from trading fees, making it a loyalty token program to keep tokens in your wallet and gain benefits from it.

B2B services

$YELLOW tokens will also be used by businesses to get services on yellow.org.
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