The Solution
An easy and guided setup process to launch an exchange broker on a server and connect it to Yellow Network.

Kickstart your own crypto exchange business

Yellow Network allows brokers to connect to other brokers, merge order books, and use liquidity to support trades.

Connect P2P liquidity

Yellow Network allows brokers to connect to other brokers, merge order books and use liquidity to support trades.

Trade various assets over Yellow Network

Cutting-edge state channel technology enables fast trading and reaching assets locked on isolated networks without directly bridging them. P2P liquidity sharing rewards.
For broker startups
  • 1-click install and easy maintenance;
  • Connect to other brokers for profitable trades;
  • Much easier licensing/regulation as non-custodial entities.
For retail investors and traders
  • Audited, licensed, and trusted brokers;
  • Access to multiple assets;
  • User-friendly UI and features of a centralized exchange;
  • Funds are protected by professional 3rd-party custodians and smart contracts.
For market makers
  • Shared liquidity;
  • Ultra-high-speed settlement;
  • Low fees.


  • Works worldwide all-in-one toolset, “OpenDAX SDK”;
  • A Web3 solution ready for mature retail finance;
  • Real-time inter broker exchange;
  • Near-instant off-chain transactions;
  • Efficient on-chain transactions.


It is ensured by dividing responsibilities between custodians, brokers, and exchanges.
The solution is hardware and software wallet-based and non-custodial. Unlike most CEXs currently available on the crypto market, it deals with many users' safety concerns and significantly decreases the possibility of hacks within Yellow Network. Phasing out of controllable hot wallets is a big step towards the complete transparency of cryptocurrency finance for the end-user.
Yellow Network also ensures the security of the users' funds by having each broker put the necessary amount of collateral funds in $YELLOW tokens to operate on the network. If any fraud or malicious activity that may affect users is detected on the broker's side, the dispute system will immediately return the user's assets.

For Brokers

Today we see hacks occurring everywhere, and we constantly witness how various bottlenecks and flaws lead to huge token steals. State channel technology proves effective in fighting this dangerous trend. The funds belong to either a state channel or the user's wallet. On both sides, it is impossible to break into the wallet without the secure private key or avoid two-side confirmation for the final status update on the state channel.

For End-Users

Yellow Network is non-custodial; end-users can deposit funds to the smart contract with a hard/software wallet; this resolves major end-users concerns about improper funds storage and the safety of their assets.
The security of the end-users funds is also ensured by the amount of collateral funds locked with Yellow tokens. As soon as any fraud or malicious activity affecting end-users funds is detected on the broker's side - the dispute system will ensure the return of assets to their rightful owners.
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