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Layer 1 - Liquidity Fee

For liquidity providers
The Liquidity Fee is agreed upon between the brokers when opening a channel. The broker acting as a market maker will set off the fees paid by the broker acting as a market taker.
The Liquidity Fee is volume-based, calculated at position opening in % of the base currency of the market taker and added to, or subtracted from, the market taker's liability.
Liquidity Fee = Trade Nominal in Liability Ccy x Market Taker Fee (%)
Broker Fees are due on settlement, directly charged to the market taker's wallet, and transferred to the market maker.
Upon settlement, Layer-1 fees are paid in full (100%) from the market taker to the market maker.
Defined by
Brokers when they establish a trading channel
Market making broker
Payment Ccy
Liability in currency of trade
Calculated on every trade and charged on the settlement at 0.00 am UTC